Project ideas


Beach clean event

Help students to organise a bleach clean event in your local area. Produce letters, invitations and posters about the event to give to other students.

After the beach clean, ask students to design a presentation or speech about what they found.

Playground Protest

Allow younger learners to take part in a Climate Change Protest, in a safe environment.

Ask learners to create their own banners using cardboard, paint and felt tips.

Get learners to make speeches, songs, chants and poems to share at the protest.

Take learners to a safe outdoor space, such as a playground, to have their protest. Get them chanting and protesting, for the planet!

Share your protests to our Twitter page-

My green promise

Ask students to make a list of 10 things they could do to help save the environment. Ask them to choose 4 of these to do for 2 weeks.

Ask students to keep an diary of their progress.

Have a class discussion about how easy/hard it was to keep to their promises.

Making your school/college a greener place

Support students to-

think of ideas of how to make your place of education ‘greener’.

Design letters to the principal or head teacher about some of the ideas.

Design a presentation to give to other students about how to be more eco- friendly while at college/school.

Design a questionnaire to give to other students to find out how ‘green’ they are.

Bees in decline

Help learners to-

Research bees and which plants they love.

Produce posters on how to encourage bees to visit your garden.

Give a presentation about why bees are in decline.

Plant a bee garden at school/college (if space allows). Describe the garden and the sights and smells.

Awareness days activities

Use our ‘awareness day’ resource (located on our beginners/elementary section) to create lessons around special environmental awareness days.

Add these days to your scheme of work to make sure you have time to prepare.